Is your mindset keeping you from reaching your goals?!

I'm guilty of the "YEAH, BUT" mentality. What the heck is that you ask? For example: I have a goal/dream/vision in mind... I am ALL FOR going out and chasing it... When I finally get some momentum going, my inner critic chimes in and says "YEAH, you can do XYZ, BUT _____ will happen. So you should probably wait, and overthink about it for awhile".

Sound familiar?

I have some WONDERFUL mentors in my life right now (you know who you are ;) ) who are pushing me to challenge myself and have faith that these opportunities to shine are not only RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE, but are also extremely realistic and achievable.

So my challenge for myself, AND YOU, today is to have faith in yourself and your abilities, go after the things that you love and believe things will work out!

Confidence is contagious <3

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PPS- did I mention how much I appreciate you