the world owes you nothing.

This post is inspired by a Rob Dial podcast I listened to last week.


Do you find yourself frustrated, feeling stuck, and sick and tired of WHERE you are in your life.

Like you have this HUGE vision of the goals you want to accomplish, the dreams you want to come true, but you don’t know how the EFF you will ever get there?

When you sit down and think about the fact that you are not satisfied the dreaded pity party begins...

  • I wish I had ______.
  • I want _____ to be different.
  • Oh my gosh, ______ SUCKS.
  • Waaaaa I'm just going to keep whining.

Well I am really starting to believe that… THE WORLD DOESN’T OWE YOU A DAMN THING.

We are all responsible for our own happiness in life. We are responsible for taking actions towards our dreams. We are responsible for CHANGING the things in our life that we aren't satisfied with. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS.

I am quickly starting to realize that just wishing, waiting, and dreaming for things in life will not magically make them appear.
You have to figure out what YOU need for YOURSELF… and then work your ass off towards whatever that may be.

And for what it is worth, no goal, dream or big vision is out of reach. The world may not owe YOU a damn thing, but YOU would be doing a disservice by not sharing yourself with the world.