the game changer in my recovery.


When you start to SHOW UP for yourself, you will SHOW UP 1000x better for everyone and everything else in your life.

Over the past few months I have had a lot of people ask me about my health, wellness and fitness/yoga routines in addition to my life as an entrepreneur. They have asked out of genuine curiosity, as it is apparent to anyone who has followed my journey over the past several years that I have made some drastic life changes both physically and mentally. 

⭐️I went from weighing less than 100lbs to being at a healthy weight
⭐️I went from being terrified to eat “bad” foods (and trust me, the list of BAD foods was a mile long) to having a healthy but flexible diet where I enjoy everything in moderation
⭐️I went from feeling so insecure with any decision I had to make, to being unapologetic and fearless around knowing what I want and need in my life

Why do I bring this up?

It is easy to start a fitness routine, change your diet, or feel confident making one decision. What is NOT easy is consistency and STATE OF MIND!

Regardless of WHAT your goals may be, it doesn’t take much to put some goals in place and say you are going to start to make changes. But as time goes on, life gets in the way, and this commitment you make to yourself becomes less of a priority. 

It’s ok if I don’t do XYZ today, because (insert excuse here)... I will start up again tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes around, and another factor gets in the way. Repeat every day until you are back at square one.

The GAME CHANGER for me in making progress towards ALL of my goals was making sure that I was mentally prepared to commit myself and do EVERYTHING it took to get me to where I wanted to go. That meant scheduling self care into my day, dealing with my self doubt and making myself a priority in my own life. 

Now you may be thinking… that is selfish. I have to put my family/job/etc. BEFORE MYSELF.

I am here to tell you that you don’t. When you start to SHOW UP for yourself, you will SHOW UP 1000x better for everyone and everything else in your life.

Take a look at yourself right now, and ask yourself what is ONE thing that you have been wanting to do for YOU but haven’t. Now ask yourself why? Do you put conditions on your wellbeing….. “I will do (GOAL) when (CONDITION) happens?”

What is holding you back?!

The time to get started is now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. RIGHT NOW! 

I want to hear what your goals are for yourself. Share them in the comments or send me a DM. There’s no reason to wait for the New Year to start working on YOU!