filters drive me INSANE!

I need to vent!!!

Filters drive me insane. 
Take a look at these two pictures. These are BEFORE and AFTER pictures. One was taken at 12:48pm this afternoon. The other was taken 5 seconds after at... 12:48pm this afternoon. See the difference?


In the first picture I used the “beautification filter” on SnapChat. Please note the great lighting, narrow face, bigger eyes, flawless skin. Even my hair, which is in a messy ponytail looks somewhat decent.

The second picture (it took some guts for me to share this) is 100% unfiltered. Crappy lighting from my kitchen, my face has imperfections, my eyes don’t look as big and bright and the frizz coming out of my hair is in plain sight.
I get it, so many of the Snapchat and Instagram filters are meant to be fun and/or enhance a photo. The problem I have is when people are too afraid to post raw authentic photos *cough* without filters *cough* because they are afraid to embrace their perfectly imperfect selves.

When did we decide that we need filters over our pictures for them to be “good enough” to share on Social Media? When did we decide that hiding our imperfections behind a mask is socially acceptable? When did we become so afraid to embrace our flaws?

Honestly, I’m kind of tired of it.

One of my favorite lines “You Be You” has inspired a big project I am working on. 

Its more of a mission to inspire people to fearlessly and unapologetically embrace WHO they are and what they bring to the world… flaws and all. 
I invite you to think about how you have been holding yourself back, let those limitations GO….. and YOU BE YOU.
More details coming soon <3