don't wait for "perfect"

Do you find yourself waiting for everything to be "perfect" before:

🔸taking a risk?
🔸following your dreams?
🔸pursuing your goals? 
🔸(continue to fill in the blanks here)

My first question for you is WHY? 

CONFESSION: I am guilty of this. Although over the course of the past several months I have challenged myself and my comfort zone TO THE MAX, I oftentimes find myself waiting for different circumstances to be in place before setting out on my next "mission". 

What does "perfect" even mean? 
Are "perfect conditions" even attainable, or are they some farfetched, unrealistic standards that the outside world has made you believe? 

My challenge for us all...
Quit waiting for things to be "PERFECT" before we start to LIVE our LIFE to the FULLEST! 

Think about something you are looking to do in your life, and ask yourself WHY you haven't started yet. Once you have your answer... let go of your limiting beliefs, step out of your comfort zone and start making things happen!!!! 


You'll be happy you did. I promise! 😉💫