Patience: a concept I have a really hard time grasping.

I think it is common in this day and age, for our society to seek instant gratification for pretty much everything. I am guilty of it. When I have my mind set on something, I want it NOW… not in a week, not in six months… right now.

The hard truth: life just doesn't work that way and instant gratification doesn’t always happen. I am quickly coming to find out that regardless of how determined I am to pursue and conquer a goal, more than likely, I am going to have to suck it up, do the work, and then wait before I see any sort of desirable outcome.

So it’s obvious, I have a lot of ideas and dreams in mind that I want to accomplish.

But I have learned that dwelling on “end results” is not going to make them come to fruition any faster (wouldn’t that be nice though?!). Honestly, I wouldn’t be doing myself any favors by jumping from “introduction” to “conclusion” without actually creating the whole story.

Ironically, Joe sent me this quote while I was writing this post. I paraphrased it a bit, but you get the point: 

Enjoy the Journey
In a world that insists we know everything the second something happens, we need to remember to “JUST ENJOY THE JOURNEY”. It is important to remember the simple words, each and every day, as they force you to slow down and put things into perspective. Look, we all want to become successful, like tomorrow, (In my case, YESTERDAY), but the journey to get there is what makes life fun. Sometimes, the best teacher is also a student.

Yes, he knows me well.

As much as it drives me crazy, I have been working (like REALLY working) on letting go of my attachment to the end result and focusing on the entire process needed to get to where I want to go... no short cuts, no half-ass attempts... the WHOLE process.

If I really want to make things happen in my life, I have to have a firm foundation in place in order to take sturdy steps towards reaching my goals. While also accepting the fact that bumps and roadblocks and even falls are INEVITABLE in life, regardless of how strong the foundation is.

Getting so attached to the specifics of exactly what I “want” to do or where I “should be” at any given moment, is simply a setup for disappointment when things don’t happen as planned. I think it is in the "letting go" of expectations to outcomes that we (well most people anyways) learn and understand the most about ourselves. When we allow ourselves to just go with the flow and enjoy the building of the story, things seem to naturally fall into place.

So today, I am going to take a step back, continue to do the work and trust that I am doing my best; Knowing that my goals are attainable, regardless of the length of the timeline.



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