shift your view.

"I am thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled upon my strength".

My favorite quote, and I use it in many of my posts. It is relevant, relatable and 100% true.

Struggles in life are inevitable. Everyone (whether they admit it or not) goes through challenges to some degree. I have made it known that I have had my share of ups and downs. I am blessed with the fact that the good times (ups) significantly outweigh the bad times (downs). Regardless of how I defined a memory, a situation, or significant moment, I have learned to use each and every one of them as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Over the years I found that I would sometimes float through the good moments without taking the time to pause and reflect. I never acknowledge specifically what happened, what I had accomplished, the work I had to do to get there, etc. I didn’t give myself a "thatta girl" for working hard if I had achieved a specific goal. I didn't always take ample time to think about how lucky I am to share memories with a loving boyfriend, family, or friends. You get the point…

Then when the trials and tribulations came around, they rocked my world and wreaked havoc on my well being. I would get upset, anxious, and let them weigh me down for a decent period of time. Those hard moments came in and I let them blur my vision of my life in its entirety.

Let's face it, humans tend to dwell on the negative.

As I have grown up (yes I know I am only 26), I have learned that challenging situations do not always have to be viewed as bad, or as a personal weakness.

I have been working diligently over the past several months to shift my mindset and change my perception when the difficult moments come into my life. When shitty situations arise, I take a step back, analyze the situation, and then look at myself.

  • What am I making up of this situation?
  • Is what I am making up about this situation true?
  • How can I change my outlook into something more positive?

I know this might sounds a little corny, or maybe a little too "optimistic" but it really works with practice. We need to understand that we can't always change what happens in our lives, but we can change how we choose to look at the situations. Sometimes making a simple attitude change can drastically change our outlook on life.

Instead of beating myself up about the past, or having regrets about ____, I try to see these moments as building blocks that are vital to the structure of my entirety. Building blocks that have built me into who I am today.

I am learning to quit identifying with my past challenges, and letting them define me. Ever since I was little my mom would say "Everything happens for a reason". As cliché as that sounds…. It is true.

All situations, whether they are good, bad, annoying, terrifying, etc. tend to lead us into something better… even something great! We have to come to terms with the fact that life happens to teach us lessons and to push us out of our comfort zones at times. When these lessons come around, try to see them as opportunities rather than burdens. Use this as motivation to make changes and improvements in your life.

Once we stop focusing on the negatives and identifying ourselves with what "went wrong" in our life, we can begin to forgive ourselves and work towards a brighter mindset.



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