a deeper meaning.

Stating the obvious: I Love Yoga. Look around my house, read my blog, talk to anyone who is close to me.... there are signs everywhere that indicate an immense passion for the practice.

There is no denying that yoga is HUGE in America right now. Studios are popping up left and right, more people are becoming aware of its benefits, yoga pants have become an acceptable item of clothing to wear almost everywhere, etc. etc….. its great!

As the practice becomes more mainstream, and continues to grow in popularity, I often like to step back and reflect on how I discovered the practice in the first place. Regardless of what I post on social media, or the pictures of me (and the dogs) in various poses, yoga carries a very deep meaning for me and holds a very strong place in my heart. Going beyond the cute yoga pants, and being ridiculously flexible, there are countless reasons why I love it so much, and more importantly why I am so passionate about sharing my knowledge with others.

My yoga journey began back in 2012 when I was seeking recovery from my battle with an eating disorder. After making positive strides towards my health, I was ready to start exercising again. The RD I was seeing at the time suggested that I give yoga a try, to incorporate some "mindful activity" into my life. (Mind you- growing up I was a competitive athlete: volleyball, soccer, track, etc. so yoga always seemed a bit "mellow" for me.) I was thinking to myself, which I think so many people do before their first class: "I am not flexible, I am not graceful or coordinated, and I have no idea what all that yoga lingo is all about". But I went anyways... and I am glad I did.

I quickly feel in love with the practice.

I believe that yoga has the power to heal and to truly change lives. Yoga has been a crucial part in my life during all of the ups and downs over the past several years. Throughout my recovery, the practice has alleviated so many of the day to day challenges that were associated with such a complicated illness. Not only do I continue to notice physical changes in my strength and flexibility, but also dramatic changes in my emotional and mental wellbeing.  I don’t stress out as easily, I am more present throughout my day, I have more energy, but most importantly, yoga continues to remind me to love and appreciate myself and my body as a whole.

Today, the practice continues to keep me grounded, give me confidence, and allows me to let go of doubts and insecurities I have about myself. I believe that yoga is a personal practice that provides endless opportunities to grow and learn. It reminds me to trust that everything is happening exactly as it should- and be PATIENT with the PROCESS. <3

As I continue my journey as a teacher, and I student, I hope to use my personal story and experiences (on and off the mat) to inspire others. If you want to practice with me, click here to see my current teaching schedule!

Do you practice  yoga? Share your experiences with me in the comments below :)