the journey is just beginning.


Monday, January 25 was the day that I have been waiting for. After going through Teacher Training twice, spending countless hours studying, practicing, attending workshops and retreats, I Melissa Beth Brode can now officially say that I am a certified yoga teacher!  Preparing myself for my final feedback session, I was thinking about how I was going to feel after receiving my bows and officially completing my teacher training...Which is ironic because one of my recent class themes was based on the idea of "letting go of expectations". Nonetheless, I couldn't help but to daydream what finally accomplishing my goal (completing the program and becoming certified) would feel like. 

Maybe you are thinking that I am going to say:

 "I felt like I was floating through the clouds, surrounded by light and music, and felt completely enlightened". 

Although I do feel an immense sense of joy and happiness, and ok maybe there was some (imaginary) music playing in the background as I floated to my car (HA).... In reality, I feel humbled and proud to have gone through the Red Lotus program, and an extreme sense of accomplishment and pride for all of the work that I have put into it. 

It seems surreal, and it just feels right. 

With joy in my heart I can write that as of January 25, 2016 I am a certified Yoga teacher. With that being said, this is just the beginning of an exciting journey. I have been reaching out to local studios about teaching opportunities, and have a few lined up already. As excited as I am to start teaching, I have really big aspirations with where I plan to take my future. Stay Tuned <3


PS- Here is the link to my most recent Teacher Training Application from the fall: Teacher Training Application Letter 2015