How the Grinch Found Yoga

I found this poem online, and thought it was PERFECT!Dr. Suess' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" is my favorite holiday movie of all time, and as you all know I am extremely passionate about yoga. So needless to say, when I stumbled upon this poem on, I was extremely excited :)


How the Grinch Found Yoga

by: Lyn Gerfin Kehoe

Every yogi in Yogaville liked yoga a lot…. But the Grinch, who lived just north of Yogaville, did not! The Grinch hated yoga! The whole yoga culture! Now, please don’t ask why. It would only be torture. It could be his mind was closed a little too tight. It could be, perhaps, that his breath was too slight. But I think that the most likely reason could be, He kept his heart protected, not allowing it to be free.

Whatever the reason, his heart or his mind. He stood there that evening, not feeling very kind.

Staring into the studio, with the look of displease, At the warm yoga bodies moving with such ease. For he knew every yogi was perfecting their pose, While looking their best in their fancy yoga clothes. “And they’re standing on their hands,” he said with despair, “Without a single strand moving, not one! In their hair!”

Their photos, their quotes, their Instagram postings! The kale and kombucha, the juice cleanse hostings! And soon, oh so soon, they would be yoga singing! The sound of their OMs! Well, it would have his ears ringing!

Then he got an idea! A crazy idea! This “unyogic” Grinch got a crazy idea! The Grinch held his breath, not knowing what was in store. He walked up to the studio, and opened the door…

The Grinch came from the outside, and found his way in. Which is often how many of us also begin. He stepped onto a mat, without expectation. The evolution was slow, but he found meditation.

And there on the mat, released of all drama. The Grinch discovered more than only one of the yamas. It just takes some presence, a trust in the self. In mindful action, the Grinch found some wealth.

And the Grinch, with his grinch hands touching his toes, looked around in amazement, thinking, “How could it be so?”

“It came without judgment! It came without goals!” “It came without challenges, selfies or ‘no’s’!” And he sat down a few moments, till his breath became longer. His mind became quiet, his inner voice grew stronger. “Maybe yoga,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a pose.” “Maybe yoga… perhaps…is an exercise for the soul.”

And what happened then? Well…in Yogaville they say, That the Grinch’s trapped heart broke open that day! And the minute his heart didn’t feel quite such a mess, His mind opened up too and he found yoga bliss. And he stepped on his mat. Both feet firmly at home! And he, he himself! The Grinch sang the last OM!


 For all of you who have yet to even give yoga a try, take a lesson from the Grinch. If he can do it, you can too!

Merry Christmas, Namaste <3