Life's Simple Pleasures...

It's the Little Things

This has been a common theme I have noticed over the past week... throughout social media, in various blogs I follow and even in church on Sunday evening.

Acknowledging the "little things" or "life's simple pleasures" is something I feel I have always tried to do.

As my yoga journey continues, and I have been working on being more present throughout my day, the little things that used to be too easily overlooked, have now made a more prominent appearance in my life.

Whether it be small details in my daily tasks, or noticing small ways to do something for the benefit of others, taking the time to acknowledge these things can not only change your perception on the world, but also make you really happy.

Here are five of my favorite "little things" and/or "simple pleasures" that bring me happiness:

  • Smiles and Compliments: I love to smile. I also love giving people (genuine) compliments. You never know what a person may be going through in their life, so that simple gesture of kindness may be the only positive thing they receive all day, week, etc. *Added Bonus: it will make you feel good when you see their reaction!
  • Gratitude: In my opinion, there is no such thing as being too thankful. My parents raised me to ALWAYS show my appreciation towards others and their gestures. Saying thank you and expressing genuine gratitude is a simple thing that can go a long way.
  • Hanging out with Joe (Dack & Dexter too) without technology: talking, laughing, having heart to hearts, etc. is so much more enjoyable when you are unplugged from technology. Being fully engaged in whatever we are doing without notifications, ring tones, snap chats… you name it, makes everything much more meaningful.
  • Being outside: Although I hate the cold weather that has arrived (way too early), truly experiencing nature makes everything seem a lot more beautiful. Next time you are outside, take a DEEP breath and the time to notice everything around you -temperature, breeze, smells and sounds- it may just change your perception of your world.
  • Cleaning up for Mother Nature: I cannot stand litter! Not only does it look trashy (pun intended) outside, it is awful for the environment. It takes 30 seconds (not even) to pick up a piece of garbage, and chances are there is a trash can nearby. So if I see something laying on the ground, I pick it up and throw away/recycle it. If everyone took the time to do this, we would live in a much cleaner world.


These are just a few simple things in life that bring happiness to my life.  What brings you joy?