TRUST your Team

The biggest challenge (initially) in recovery, or overcoming any obstacle is TRUST. Often times, we find ourselves listening to a negative influence, and  playing by its rules for so long. SO long that these destructive behaviors became routine.  Restrictive eating, over exercising, social isolation, crabby, feeling cold, tired, etc. etc. sounds fun right?... NO!

When I made the decision to seek help- I was scared to death. How was a supposed to completely change my mindset, my lifestyle that I have known for the past 5+ years… TRUST

It was not easy. Opening up and recognizing that I needed help took a lot of courage, strength and tears. It took awhile before I was ok with the idea of letting go of life as I knew it, and putting my fate into the hands of my support team.

I had a clinical psychiatrist, registered dietitian, family and (close) friends all on my team. People who genuinely cared about me,  my health and my future- yet it still took time to let them in.

Despite the fact that I was uncomfortable, irritable and pissed off for a long time, I had to TRUST that the changes I was going through, mentally and physically, were good for me. This group of dedicated individuals had my best interest in mind, and were always there for me regardless of how difficult things got.

The more I TRUSTED, and followed the "game plan" of the team, my body began to respond. Days got easier, my mind became clearer, and eating became enjoyable again.

How do you deal with discomfort? Who do you reach out to when you need a little extra support?