Hello World, Goodbye Routine.

It has been awhile since I last wrote…all I can really say is "life is good".  My absence from my blog, means that I have been present in the wonderful world we live in. I feel like this summer is the first time I have actually "lived" in a long time. My mind and my heart have been open to new adventures and experiences. For so long (about 5 years, to be exact), I thought that recovery was an unattainable goal. I look back on the past several years, and remember how I just settled with the way things were… I thought it was ok to be unhappy, that is was ok to live sheltered from the experiences that  life had to offer. For so long I was listening to a tainted voice, which was not my own. This voice told me day in and day out to stick to my routines, to settle for less than I deserve, and to live a less than satisfying life, just going through the motions.

Over the past couple months, I have broken my routine in more ways than one. I have travelled, tried new activities, tasted new foods, made new friends, etc. The feeling is liberating, and I wouldn't have been able to experience it in the same ways if I didn't push myself through recovery. It's amazing how showing appreciation to yourself , and treating your body how it deserves to be treated brings a new outlook on life. A clear outlook full of endless opportunities.

It's natural for people to get accustom to routine. Whether the routines are healthy or not, I have learned that breaking routines once in awhile can be good for everyone.  I challenge whoever is reading this to do something different today. See how you feel.