you have to want it.

At this time two years ago, I was sitting at a treatment center in the middle of the desert.

I had been away from home, my family and loved ones for a little over two weeks.

I was terrified but felt a sense of courage, as I was ready to confront my fears and struggles head on.

I have struggled on and off with body image issues, eating disorders and feeling confident in my own skin for YEARS. As I reflect back on the past decade, I cannot help but get emotional about all that I have been through, the lessons I have learned, and the countless people who have been there to support me throughout my journey.

I remember telling myself, that once I found TRUE inner and outer healing and once I could confidently say that I LOVED myself for ME, I would dedicate MY LIFES WORK to helping other people going through the same struggles.

Negative body image, self confidence struggles, and dealing with your nasty inner critic are REAL problems that should not be taken lightly.

I have been through HELL and BACK working to overcome these things for myself.

I have tried and failed at COUNTLESS options before I figured out what would work for me.

Throughout it all, I have learned TWO very important lessons:

    • (Nobody else can make that decision for you)
    • (You will get discouraged, you will be uncomfortable, and the process WILL suck at times)

If you are reading this, and saying in your head “THIS IS ME.” I think we should talk <3

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